Great Day for Veterans Trek

Wow…what a great day. We got almost $100.00 in donations for Dryhootch, compasses donated from Jennifer, ponchos from Pete, snake bite kits from Charles, and 2 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of sandals from Teva. Thank you all for the awesome day. 6 weeks from tomorrow the Trek begins. We can’t wait. ( But we’ll wait the 6 weeks. haha. )

Keep up the great support for us so we can hit our goal for Dryhootch and make the Trek in as safe a manner as two guys who’ve never hiked 2,700 miles before can. You all deserve major pats on the back!

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Start of the 4th quarter. #nebraska fans are leavong already. Cey sad tears #huskers. Their bitter. 
#badgers #victory
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