Updates From A Busy Week

This week has been awesome. We announced that filmmakers Marty Syjuco and Michael Collins would be creating a documentary of our trip. Then we found out Milwaukee’s mayor would read a proclamation and see us off. Then a story on the front of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel helped draw support for us and Dryhootch. Now, we have a cool way to include more people who want to follow us.

We received a cool donation from Jon. Jon donated a GPS device that we can link to a Google Map. This allows you to see where we are on our journey. Isn’t that cool?

Also, I had the privilege of having lunch with a group of WW2 and Korean War Veterans. These Veterans were interested in hearing about the walk. I had a wonderful time with them. I really enjoy the opportunity to hear them tell their stories. One of the Veterans sitting near me was talking about his experiences in the Pacific. He said he had a wonderful commander who expected a lot, but reciprocated the effort to his men. He got them every amenity he could. They ate well. They drank beer well. They were entertained well. He shared a key bit of advice for officers when he stated, “You can tell the difference between a good commander and a bad commander. The difference is good memories and bad memories.”

I also spoke with a Veteran who had a huge collection of art. Most pieces, it seemed, he created. One piece really struck me. He took a small statue of the Pieta. Behind it depicted a war. I thought it was profound when he explained that, “In war, every mother is a Pieta.”


Tom and I look forward to the chance to meet several of you and hear what you have to say. Walk a few miles with us.

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One comment on “Updates From A Busy Week
  1. SUE WINSCHER says:

    I hope the blister devil leaves you all alone..ENUF already, stay safe..bless you

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