Wisconsin By Day

Ok everyone. This is painstaking work…I’m not trying to overstate it. Tom and I have been going over our route and map to see when we can realistically hit each point. Please make sure to check in regularly for updates as we walk. We might hit some bad weather or get hurt or something else unforeseen that slows us down. Essentially, this breakdown will serve as a GUIDE. We have a combination of trails and county roads taking us from town to town.

Here you go for Wisconsin:

Milwaukee: August 30th

Waukesha: August 30th–spend night (have a place to sleep)

Delafield/Wales: August 31st

Lake Mills: Sep 1st (have a place to stay)

Cottage Grove: September 2 ( sleeping outside)

Madison: September 3rd (have a place to stay)

Verona and Mt. Horeb: September 4

Barneveld and Dodgeville: September 5 (no where to stay in Dodgeville, so we’ll sleep outside)

Mineral Point and Darlington: September 6 (have a place to stay)

Darlington- Dubuque, IA- 7 and 8 September ( have a place to stay in Dubuque)


More will follow. Please remember, we’re on foot and can only move so fast. So, we’ll do our best to keep everyone up to speed. Not every city and town is listed, but you should be able to figure out where your community falls on this path.





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2 comments on “Wisconsin By Day
  1. John Gugerty says:

    Any details yet on more specifics of route through Madison?

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