Day 2 update

2 days in, and what can we say, but what a trek so far. Yesterday, we had a wonderful, emotional sendoff. Yesterday was incredibly hot and the heat mixed with blistering feet slowed our pace considerably. Goal for yesterday was Waukesha. Reality was Elm Grove/Wauwatosa border. Thanks to those who walked with us and those who smiled, waved, and helped encourage us along the way. Thanks, also, to the student body of MUHS, as well as the faculty and staff for greeting us so warmly and enthusiastically as we passed by.
Last night, we were hosted by my friend, Adam. Adam and his girlfriend cooked us dinner AND had some guys I served with and other friends over. We also took the time to take about 25 pounds out of each of our bags. Our rucks were about 70\80 pounds. We wanted them to be 40.
Today, the weather was much cooler and better for walking. Still, we didn’t hit our milage mark. I am discouraged by this. That said, I am encouraged by all the support we’re getting. We had people all along our route honking, cheering, and wishing us well. Special thanks to Adam from MUHS. He’s a freshman there and took photos with us and followed us for a bit. He’s a cool kid and we appreciate his enthusiasm for our mission.
Tonight, we’re being hosted by our friend, Patty. Back on the trail tomorrow. Our GPS is working. Please check our progress link UNDER our instagram link. You can see where we are while we walk.
For future blogs, please know we are great at grammar; however, we are tired and grammar is overrated. Ha.


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6 comments on “Day 2 update
  1. Mary Ross says:

    Anthony and Tom, I just want to wish the most positive energies to you as you travel along. There’s a Chinese saying “Those who remove mountains begin by carrying away small stones”….have no doubt this is what you’re doing, for yourselves and your very commendable cause for all veterans and the Dryhootch. And it is SO great that you have homeopathic support for any health challenges along the way. It won’t let you down. Day by day, along with some fantastic experiences that await you, you’ll arrive!
    Marros from Milwaukee (Mom of a Desert Storm veteran)

  2. Ashley says:

    It was so awesome meeting you guys today. I plan to follow your journey and spread the word. I wish you luck and can’t wait for you both to reach LA!
    -a Carroll student

  3. John Gugerty says:

    With you in spirit and thinking of you guys every day. We honor and support you!

  4. Crankdaddy says:

    Keep on trucking…throwing off weight early on is smart…ok for pace to be slow in beginning…avoids injury…will build up over time…care for your feet…one step at a time will get you to LA!

  5. Kelly Laabs says:

    Doug wants to meet up with you guys tomorrow (Labor Day). How can we find you and what do you need? Desitin? Pedialyte?

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