Day 3

Summary: blisters, chaffing, too heavy bags. Tom and I began our day at the start of the Glacial Drumlin Trail in Waukesha. We ended in Dousman. Total distance was like 13 miles. We are, again, being hosted by our friend, Patty, in Dousman. She has fed us well, done our laundry, fed the doc crew, and even had bottles of Pedialyte, blister pads, and a tube of Desitin waiting for us when we got done. All of this to help us. It is also her 50th birthday today. We had cake. Happy bday Patty. Hopefully those who host us are as great as Patty. Challenge thrown down.
Tom and I were fortunate to meet some cool people on the trail. In Wales, we met another OIF vet, Charlie. He, his wife, and daughters hooked us up with some spring water from Wales. It was delish. We also were recognized by several bikers who took pictures with us or encouraged us. Tom and I joked we could be completely anonymous when we get home if we shave our beards. It’s funny the amount of people who recognize us because of them. I think I have a better understanding of what it’s like to be in ZZ Top. We also had 2 sisters who walked with us on day 1 track us down and walk a few more miles with us. Great ladies who get our mission. They know, from their own experience with family, how difficult it can be to come home.
Our morale is still great. We aren’t logging nearly as many miles as we expected we would. That’ll change as we grow more “trail savvy” and as some of the lingering exhaustion from Friday’s brutal start subsides. Tom switched shoes. When he was done with them, you could clearly see the blood stains from the blisters. He said my legs looked like a Harley rider had done a burnout on my thighs. You get what we’ve been dealing with. Still, we laugh and joke all day. It’s like being back in the infantry.

Tomorrow, we leave from Dousman and keep going west. We understand there are still some lingering GPS issues. We are working to remedy those glitches. But, when it is tracking, it’s pretty cool, no?
We will leave tomorrow with spirits high… and lighter rucks.
See you on the trail.

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2 comments on “Day 3
  1. Jon says:

    Trek on fellas! Might want to try out a pair of Keen’s later down the trail. Virtually no break-in time. (for me anyway)

  2. Clarissa says:

    Lovely meeting Patty! Wish her a Happy Birthday for me!

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