Crushing Milez

Today was a good day for us. We managed to complete 23 miles and probably could have done a few more, but that will come with time. We are being hosted again tonight by Jackie and we are very grateful. We had an awesome dinner. The Glacial Drumlin Trail is becoming less traveled by bikers and walkers, allowing us to enjoy the scenery. Tom’s 87 year old grandmother, Helen, came out to visit us on the trail accompanied by his aunt Vicky and uncle Lanny. It was nice to see them and we would like to thank them for the fruit and trail mix that they provided for lunch. Fox 6 news tracked us down to do a quick interview and that should be on tonight at 10:00.

We predicted that we would be meeting some  “trail folk” and we had our first run in today, a girl running in pajama bottoms. Our first thought “this is how horror movies start.” She ran past us and said “looks like a lot of weight, good luck” like she wasn’t wearing pajama bottoms to exercise… We will try to share these moments with you either by picture or video because you need “trail folk” in your life. We also had a lady who warned us that the more spandex some one wears on the trail the bigger the jerk they are. Ha.
Tomorrow we will jump back on the Glacial Drumlin Trail and go through Lake Mills and hopefully end up in Cottage Grove. Remember to track us on our website to see our progress. Thank you all for your continued support and we’ll see you on the trail tomorrow.
Tom and Anthony

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4 comments on “Crushing Milez
  1. Patty C says:

    Congratulations on making it so far, way to go! Take care of those sore feet and get some rest. Good luck tomorrow on the journey, good night guys!

  2. eliwedel says:

    When are you getting to Lake Mills?

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