Mad Town

This morning, Anthony and I left from Deerfield in route to Madison, and we would like to thank Laura for meeting up with us this morning and walking a few miles with us. We jumped on the the Glacial Drumlin Trail at a feverish 3mph. We were feeling good and lookin’ good. We crushed the last few miles of the GDT and had our sights set on the Capital. We made it all the way to the capital and then it happened…our feet had their own agenda. Our pace resembled that of a crippled sloth. In fact, a sloth probably would have beaten us in a foot race. Our wounds from day 1 had reared their ugly heads once again. We ended up finishing at the UW campus just shy of 20 miles. We were interviewed by channel 15 news at the end of the day, and I would like to apologize for the Madison viewers who had to witness Anthony’s ghastly feet.

We met up with Travis, from the Madison Dryhootch who gave us a lift from our finishing point. We stopped in at the Madison Dryhootch and were greeted by Diane and the Madison DH crew. It was nice to sit with all of them and take some picture at the end of the day.

We are thankful to be hosted by Ron, Anthony’s American Corporate Partners mentor. When we walked in, he had Led Zeppelin’s “Over the Hills and Far Away” all cued up.We were fed well and have a have place to stay tonight. As we write this, we’re sitting next to a bonfire in Ron’s yard enjoying an awesome conversation about our walk so far.

Tomorrows a new day. We are motivated and look forward to the new day. Thank you for all the support. Keep it coming because it helps us when our feet are screaming, “Stop you idiots!” 

Goodnight, and we’ll be back at it tomorrow


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3 comments on “Mad Town
  1. Patty C says:

    Hey Tom! Are you and Anthony starting to feel like Frodo and Sam on your way to Mordor? Hope you and your feet are feeling better 🙂

  2. Shannon Reed says:

    Anthony and Tom… Keep it up! You both are in our thoughts! United Way of Greater Milwaukee

  3. Sara says:

    Hey, guys – I’m sure you’re trying everything, but have you tried these?

    I got a huge blister a few years ago and had to be on my feet a bunch, and once I drained it and stuck this on, I just forgot about it for a few days. Little to no pain. Now, I wasn’t doing nearly the walking you are, but just wanted you to see these.

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