Tom and I had a good day today…it was easier than last Friday. We’re going to do a short leg each of the next 2 days and then we’re taking 2 days off. We need it.

We met so many wonderful people along the way today. We met cyclists going across America, we met campers, we met trolls in Mt. Horeb (Mt. Horeb has a trollway), and soaked up the beautiful weather. Both Tom and I have high spirits and really are enjoying meeting so many great people and seeing so many wonderful sights in our own state.

In a matter of a few days, we’ll be breaking, but then, almost immediately, we’re leaving Wisconsin. It’s hard to imagine we’ve walked almost 3/4 of the way across our state already. The weather has been pretty good and our packs haven’t been giving us too many problems. And, all the support we’ve received has been very inspiring.

We’re gonna cut it short tonight on the update tonight, it’s been a long day. But, my wife and daughter are going to come see us soon and I am very excited for that. We should have a great post tomorrow. Enjoy your Friday night.


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  1. Jill Schwingle says:

    Tom and Anthony, I’m the redheaded cyclist you met on the trail at Barneveld on Friday the 6th. What a wonderful thing that I got to meet you! Great website for your cause. I was so excited to tell my family about you! I’m going to tell everyone and share this site. I hope you had a wonderful visit with your wife and daughter, Anthony. I’ll be thinking of you both and checking in. Jill

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