So, yesterday we entered Iowa. We crossed the bridge over the Mississippi River during rush hour. We actually had to take a ride from our law enforcement buddy, Mike, about 3 miles up to the bridge to avoid walking on a crowded 4 lane highway. Once at the bridge, Tom and I, essentially, had to double time it. This double timing walk is relative given the fact each step was followed by vocal “ow ow ow” statements mixed with some choice 4 letter words or variants that rhyme with ruck or mother rucking itch. You get the picture. We stopped and checked out Dubuque’s beautiful Veteran memorial along the banks of the river. Each conflict period has casualty totals with it. GWOT is unfinished, which is a sad reminder of the reality or current soldiers face.
Today we crushed miles. We set a new personal best- 27 miles. The weather couldn’t have been better. 70s, breezy, and plenty of shade on the Heritage Trail. This trail, by far (and we have far to go), has been the best. Crushed limestone, almost total shade, beautiful views, deer in abundance ( which frustrates me cause I hunt deer and all these fat Iowa deer were all over the trail), and plenty of places to take breaks.
The only unfortunate aspect was that the of my shoes were destroyed. Walking at weird angles on the shoulders of county roads yesterday just annihilated the shoes. All day, I basically walked on the sides of my feet. This is, without a doubt, very uncomfortable. It ruins the muscles on the sides of my shins and wreaks havoc on my ankles. And, given the fact I have feet that make Bozo the Clown’s personal shoe maker do a double take, I was certain they’d be hard to replace on the fly. But, here in Dyersville, there is a store that carries shoes for the clown-footed man.

Knock me over with a feather.

Our host tonight is a wonderful family who, by a miracle of God or at least good fortune, has a massage therapist. This equals killer foot rubs for weary trekkers which Tom and I took full advantage of. After regaining consciousness at the sight of our feet, jk, we got legit foot rubs from Cathy that made me kick like a dog getting a sweet-spot belly rub.
Tomorrow, we have a little event at the Field of Dreams. This will be super cool. If at any point I draw an intentional walk I will charge the mound and lay a beat down of epic proportions on the pitcher ala Nolan Ryan vs Robin Ventura due to the pitchers sadistic sense of humor…but this time the batter will win. Ha. I also will not choke on a hotdog resulting in a player turning into an old man- look it up.

OK. Time for bed. Thanks to those who continue to show us love and support. Your generous spirits continue to not only help us reach our goals for Dryhootch, but you help Tom and I drive on. You also help me regain trust and see the good in people-something I’d lost over the last several years.

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10 comments on “Iowa
  1. Jill Schwingle says:

    LOL…Bozo the clown….Man, you have helped us all see the good in man. I walked 2 miles last evening in the heat….Man, I thought about you guys….2 miles. You’re makin’ history…..trek on and keep that sense of humor, especially when everything hurts.

  2. Aunt Vicki says:

    I feel like a little kid at Christmas just waiting to read your blog every morning!! Occasionally, tears, mostly chuckles….sending our support and love with EVERY painful step! Keep up the positive attitudes! I feel like I am on this trip with you reading your great descriptions! Enjoy the” I-wegians” (as Uncle Lanny calls them)!!!

  3. Lisa Gonzalez says:

    I love the humor you guys have..I get a good laugh!! It’s great to see that through it all you keep smiling and laughing…Your good people…

  4. Natalie says:

    Smiling and laughing!! My most favorite post so far…so proud of you guys … keep on marching!

  5. Kelli Kleppe says:

    Hey Guys!! I think what you are doing is absolutely amazing!! What an inspiration. I live near Dysart, IA which is just south of Waterloo and I see you will be stopping there. If you need anything I would be happy to help! I am a reporter for the paper in Dysart and I have wrote up a piece for our local newspaper. I would LOVE LOVE to get a picture or statement of you two while you are coming through, not possible if there is a way to know exactly where you will be? Thanks!

  6. Dana villa magma says:

    Proud of you Anthony! Elena reads ur blog and keeps us updated on your location 🙂 Dana and family

  7. Shannon Richardson says:

    What time are you guys coming thru Earlville?

  8. Art Soto says:

    Anthony & Tom,

    I have been following you on your trek and if I was younger I would with you every step of the way. I am so proud of you both and I have kept the Friday 60 and over group informed of your journey. Just know that both of you are on my mind and definitely in my prayers!!!

    Thank you for your journey to help our VETS!!!!!

    Art Soto
    Dryhootch, Peer Mentor

  9. Linda Dancker says:

    Anthony & Tom,

    I have been following you on your trek and it sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. Other then sore feet it’s good to hear that you are doing well and keeping your good sense of humor. You are both amazing guys and I pray for your safety as you continue your trek. Stay safe and thank you for sharing your journey.

    Linda Dancker
    Dryhootch, Artful Warriors

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