Sore Feet: Not As Fun As It Sounds

Tom and I find ourselves all of 3 miles or so from where we stopped last night. Not to sound like a broken record, but my feet are tender. If you’re going to call me tenderfoot, SAY IT TO MY FACE!!! HA, jk.
We’re in Independence, IA. Estimated miles walked since we left is about 280 miles. I think we’re doing pretty good.
Funny story, at least to me. We got lunch at a local eatery and this is an actual conversation I had:
Employee: your total is 17.76
Me: ha. What a coincidence.
Me: cause we declared our independence in 1776.
Employee: what?
Me: and we’re in independence. It just seems like a funny coincidence, you know?
Employee: I didn’t really pay attention in history class.


We have to slow our pace a bit. For me, I was feeling very low at not being able to get miles in. I felt like a huge D, like why can I not do this? I was encouraged by so many people offering encouragement and support on our FB page. I mean, this morning, I’m walking in the rain, feet screaming at me, through a town where we were getting weird looks, 100s of miles from home. This is a recipe for disaster. Then people totally step up and tell me it’s OK and that they’re proud of us and that our mission is so important that we shouldn’t be discouraged. We’ve done a good job walking, but our fuel is the positive vibes we get from all of you.
We are going to rest our feet here for a day and drive on. Hoping for Waterloo by Friday night. Iowa is a beautiful state with pretty good people. That said, they are cheese deficient. This is a problem for 2 WI boys. It’s odd to not see a block of cheese in the fridge. I’m like Ron Burgundy’s dog, Baxter, from “Anchorman.”

Thanks for all the support and continued well-wishes.
See you on the trail. I’ll be the bearded guy limping while whistling Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones as I go.
Anthony and Lil T (Tom)

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7 comments on “Sore Feet: Not As Fun As It Sounds
  1. Linda Dancker says:

    Hang in there guys. You are doing great and we are all very proud of you. Wear those socks with those new shoes Anthony and pad those blisters on your feet. Take care and stay safe.

  2. Your still not out of range for ol brother wally to bring you dry socks or food or…..cheese? Dont be shy or proud about it, Im honored to cover your 6 brothers. Just call linda . Pastor, or barb and I will be there in a flash! i wont let you down after what you guys have done for us, This I promise.

  3. Where are you holing up in Independence? “Doc” here has a rather flexible schedule and an aid bag at hand if you need anything. Give me a “heads up” before you start hoofing it again – if there’s anything I can do for you for you guys, just say the word.

  4. Debra Timms says:

    Where are you guys this eve?

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