Updates From the Land of the Corn Husker

Our time in Nebraska has been great. We made it to Omaha on Tuesday, walked Wednesday, took Thursday off and met up with the documentary crew, walked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Today, we made it through Lincoln.
When we arrived in Omaha, we were lucky enough to stay with Tom’s old Army roommate, Aaron. He and his wife fed us well, provided a place to sleep, and introduced us to a great little bar in Omaha that makes one hell of a Mai Tai. 2 Mai Tai’s a piece for guys who haven’t been drinking much while walking equals a great little buzz and some good laughs and great times.
We met up with the documentary guys Thursday night and camped with them near Louisville. We got to the site at 10 something at night, set up our tents, and went to sleep. The last 2 nights we ended our days camping with them, doing interviews for the film, and catching up while planning future meet ups. Looks like they’ll next meet up with us in Colorado. We also met a great couple who are about to embark on a trek of their own all around the country. We did our best to convince them to walk. They seemed comfortable with their decision to RV it. Can’t say we blame them. To them, thanks for the support and dealing with a couple of bearded idiots filming a movie in the site next to them.
Yesterday, we made our way down the MOPAC trail. There was a 20/50k race going on. So, while these runners are just pounding the trail, here go Tom and I walking with our rucks. One runner was dressed like a Ghostbuster with proton pack. One was dressed like Forrest Gump complete with Bubba Gump hat and beard (his was fake). One even wore a full business suit. We saw lots of runners dressed in weird outfits. It was a change of pace for us to see runners on the trail and was a welcomed change from the corn and soybean fields and dustings from semis we’d experienced the last several weeks. When asked how far we were walking in the marathon, we said to California. Suddenly, the marathoners seemed humbled. When we’re done with this trek, we will have walked the distance of over 100 marathons. Crazy.
Today, we were fortunate to have company. A Veteran I served 2 tours in Iraq with drove all the way from WI to walk with us. Not only did he walk with us, he took us out for dinner AND put us up in a hotel tonight. Awesome support. It was great to see him and great to catch up. He said he plans on catching up with us again to walk a stretch in the desert portion of our walk. Hopefully, he can make it out there and join us in some more miles domination.
We will continue trekking west. It’s getting cold at night. Should get colder every day. Better than the heat and humidity.
See you on the trail.
Anthony and Tom

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7 comments on “Updates From the Land of the Corn Husker
  1. Natalie says:

    I was just thinking of you guys and Forest Gump this morning… So proud of you both and this adventure makes me want to do something REALLY important too…thinking about that and praying for you guys. πŸ™‚

  2. Patriot John says:

    Hi Guys! Love the updates!!! Wish I was with you! Next year I plan to ride my bicycle to Colorado Springs, Colorado. (where I use to live for a decade) Maybe do a fund raiser for Vets but still debating on doing this! Keep up the hard work!!

    John Dry Hootch customer Milwaukee USMC 1978-1983

  3. Karen Vetta says:

    Wondering when you expect to reach Pueblo, Colorado. May be able to help you out.

  4. Andrew and Tom, are you going to follow along Highway 6 through Nebraska? I am trying to help some friends know when and where to expect you.


  5. Sorry Anthony, I said Andrew.. I was looking at Andrew Cegielski’s name along the right hand side.. πŸ™‚

  6. Julie says:

    I passed you when I was doing the Market 2 Market relay!! Love what you are doing and reading your updates!

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