Updates From Nebraska

As we shared on Facebook, we have to make a slight change of course in Nebraska. This is due to weather and our desire to not be completely crushed by it. Our change of route does nothing to influence the miles we’ll be walking. Honestly, we calculated a 3 mile difference.
Since we last updated you, we’ve walked from Lincoln to Grand Island. We took 2 days in Lincoln- one due to thunderstorms and one  because rest on a trip like this shouldn’t be overrated. We were able to go to the OVER house in Lincoln and meet some awesome people who shared their stories with us. If you live in Lincoln, support them. They’re doing good work and need the community to help them achieve their goals.
Our route from Lincoln to Grand Island brought us through some small towns, down roads where we watched some intense harvesting operations, and into the communities of Seward, York, and Aurora for the nights. It was in these communities that we met even more great people. In Seward, we were put up in a hotel by a church/ mission pastor who was a Vietnam vet. We also got to meet a few more Vietnam vets. Tom and I love Vietnam veterans. Vietnam was before Tom and I were born so we don’t have the experience of living during that time, but if you don’t love and respect these guys then you are just wrong. Nothing more can be said. They are just wonderful guys who truly care for their fellow Veterans and that is a great thing.
In York, we met a Marine who did 3 tours in Iraq. He took us out for a great dinner and visited with us for 3 hours. He took time off from work to meet us and show us his appreciation for what we’re doing. When we left York, we were joined by another Veteran who walked with us to Aurora. Along the way, we got to hear about her experience in the service and her mom even met up with us to bring hot chocolate, donuts, and lunch to us. Can’t go wrong there. We even met a little dog that walked almost 20 miles with us. We called him Oreo due to his white and black fur. His actual name is Wiggles. We know this because the Veteran who walked with us got Wiggles back home safe and sound. Turns out the family who owns him has a daughter who is a Veteran and she is married to an Army Veteran. Wiggles must have sensed what we were up to, don’t you think?
Aurora to Grand Island allowed us to walk with 2 more people, Braxton and Sharon. Sharon’s older son, Braxton’s brother, is serving with the Marines in Afghanistan. It was great to have them come along and share their stories with us. In Grand Island, Sharon got us a hotel room and they took us out for a great dinner.
We really appreciate all the people we’ve met who have shared their stories, time, effort, and have supported us and our mission.

Now, we begin our push towards Colorado. Yes, we still have 250 miles or so in Nebraska, but we’ve gone 700 some miles and raised almost 60 thousand dollars for Dryhootch. So, I’d say we are doing pretty good. As long as we keep getting the love and support we’ve received thus far, we’re going to dominate the rest of the trip.
See you on the trail,
Anthony and Tom

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7 comments on “Updates From Nebraska
  1. Julie Evans says:

    U guys R AWESOME! KEEP IT UP…I KNOW U can DO IT !!!! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH & Give U the Strength and Endurance U need to finish this!!!! {{{{Hugs!!!!}}}}

  2. Lisa Gonzalez says:

    It is so inspiring to read about all the people you have met along the way that have walked with you, fed you, housed you and put you up in hotels…It just goes to show that there are still great people in the word, including you two!!!! God bless and continued safe travels!!!

  3. Aunt Vicki says:

    I had someone who asked when/where you plan to be in Colorado? They are an ‘Air Force Family’ and would love to follow you if possible…

  4. Jill Schwingle says:

    Happy to hear you’re doing great! Good luck in Nebraska! My neighbors’ black and white dog is named Oreo too.

  5. Hey guys glad your are doing so good .Were here rooting for you in Wisconsin at the Dryhootch on Brady St. Thank you guys for your kind words about Vietnam vets you can never go wrong on that account . Sounds like you are making good progress so keep it up . The over sixty group sends it blessing and thank all the vets you meet give them a special thank you from us for all the help they have been to you.

  6. John says:

    Love the postings!!!! Vietnam vets and all vets of all branches from all conflicts and non-conflicts care for other vets! We are all family!!! When I was in basic training in the Marine Corps (1978) my drill instructors were in Vietnam and taught us recruits a lot! Nebraska has really nice people! (I mean it!) Matter of fact, the doom’s day end times fictional E-book I am writing, a fictional character is from Grand Island, NE which I have been through there many times! Gosh, I wish I was with you guys!!! I am sure you’ll find nice people in Colorado Springs, Colorado (where I used to lived for 10 years) when you arrive there! Thanks guys for your cause, my thoughts and prayers are with you!!! Semper Fi John Dry Hootch customer

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Start of the 4th quarter. #nebraska fans are leavong already. Cey sad tears #huskers. Their bitter. 
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