When we left Milwaukee, I said the only thing I was worried about was injury. While we haven’t had a legitimate, trek ending injury, we have had a number of aches and pains that have slowed us down. The biggest physical challenge we’ve faced has been the blisters that made our feet impossible to walk on. We got over them even though the healthy choice would have been to stop for several days and rest. To get over them we had to be diligent and use as many precautions as we could while simultaneously putting in as many miles as we could.
Over the last few days, I began to notice a pain above my ankle off to the side of my shin. I figured it was just another run of the mill ache to deal with. It went away and I didn’t think another thing of it. Then it came back…with a vengeance. It got to the point where walking 50 feet was terrible. Now, I’m the type of guy who has to be on my deathbed to see a doctor. There have been number of times where I should have gone to the doctor but chose to not go and I paid the price. To accomplish this trek, both Tom and I have to be smart and listen to our bodies. We need proper rest. Doing this walk is a physical challenge. Time, distance, and ruck weight influence today, tomorrow, and on.
So, I went to the VA in Grand Island today to get some advice on the pain in my leg. Thankfully, I was seen and treated by some great care providers there and I hope their care will help me get right for the long haul. The hard part is the longer it takes to be able to step it out, the greater the risk we hit bad weather. We know we’re going to get snowed on and deal with winter. That said, how much you have to deal with it is always a concern. Additionally, both Tom and I are looking forward to coming home. Every day we don’t walk is a day longer until we can finish. So, not only do we want to get going and back up to our milage marks for weather, we want to get home. Hopefully, we can make LA close to when we hoped to. Neither Tom nor I want to be gone too far beyond what we predicted.
Thankfully, a family here has taken us in and let us stay by them. This is a great thing. We can’t afford hotels for days on end and when trying to get healthy, sitting out in your tent all day isn’t exactly desired. We are so grateful for their generosity.
So, as soon as we can, we will continue our trek. Today, we had to take off so I could get some treatment. 250 some miles and we’re out of Nebraska and into Colorado. Then comes the real cold and all those mountains. And we couldn’t be looking forward to the challenge more than we are. We can’t wait.
Until then, we’ll see you on the trail.
Anthony and Tom

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  1. Mom says:

    Take care!!!

  2. LeAnn says:

    Just know, this mom of a disabled combat vet in Monument, CO, has a room, private bath and meals for you as long as you both need!!!

    • Andrew Cegielski says:

      Hi LeAnn. Please shoot me an email @ lemonde.alc@gmail.com or give me a call @ 262-385-0990 to arrange such a thing. Also, I see that you’re near the Air Force Academy and I think it would be nice to get a guys a place to stay in this area. Also, if you’re willing to have water shipped to house that would also be a big help. let me know. Thanks.

  3. Dan O'Brien says:

    We here in Darlington could not be more proud of your efforts to make it to California and bring recognition to Veterans Needs. I keep reading your e-mails about your walk, where you are and how things are going. I have passed this onto our Legion Membership and the Post level and County level. Like I said we are all proud of our fellow Veterans.

    Dan O’Brien
    American Legion Post 214
    Darlington, Wi.

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