Gonna Get Rough

So Tom and I were talking about our upcoming stretch.  We both agreed it is going to be extremely challenging. There are several factors for our feelings. First, the weather is turning. Now, cold is one thing. Cold mixed with precipitation is another. If all our gear is wet and we have no where to stay or clean and dry our gear, that will be a problem. Sleeping outside in temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s with wet stuff will be miserable. That will lead to crappy sleep, increased chance of illness,  and bottomed out morale. Then,  you wake up and have to pack all your gear in wet conditions leaving it wet for later and dressing in damp clothes.  Let’s hope that is limited.
Second, we also have long stretches where the towns we go through aren’t what most would consider towns. Some places we’ve been through so far don’t have gas stations,  restaurants, grocery stores, or any other place where one would plan on getting some grub and/or water. That is not good either. We carry about 200oz of water and what food we can. We can plan for longer stretches, but each additional oz we carry leads to additional weight which adds to additional exertion just to carry one’s basic necessities. For instance, we’re about 2 32oz Gatorade sized bottles away from carrying 17 pounds of water. Just water weight there.
Our trek thus far has been been very rewarding. We’ve met some great people. These people have walked with us, fed us, given us housing, shared their stories and encouragement, delivered supplies to us, and supported us in every way possible. For this, we are incredibly grateful. The next several weeks– until we hit big cities in Colorado– will be very hard and we’ll need all the help we can get.
With that, we hope to be able to blog again in the next day or so…then it might be a bit.
See you on the trail,
Anthony and Tom

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8 comments on “Gonna Get Rough
  1. Jess says:

    I have been thinking about you guys and that stretch, too. Is that weird, that you two are not far from my worries and I only met you once? Must be the SGT in me worrying about my fellow troopies…that said, Colorado is a fairly patriotic state (which one isn’t), so I wonder what can be done to get your story out there? I know from my rodeo days that there are some great humble souls who would love to take you in for a night if they knew you were out hoofin’ it along in the cold and rain/snow. It might be time for the local VFWs and veterans offices to put the word out along your route?? Are press releases being distributed in advance of your arrival?

    Just some thoughts….

  2. Hey Jess.. I agree with you and I am trying to coordinate some things, but I need information.. I have been reaching out to Kristin but have not heard back. Just left her a voicemail, so hope to hear from her soon. I have a few businesses interested in helping as well, but I need info to give them. If there is someone on the trail with them that can be reached by phone, that would be great too.

    Colorado will welcome these guys with wide open arms, if we can get things established ahead of time.



  3. SUE WINSCHER says:


  4. Dan Ninedorf says:

    Sounds like you need a wagon or cart to carry your ‘stuff’. Sure would be nice if a company could set a job site trailer or mobile home 20 miles down the road thru some stretches. The country from CO to Las Vegas can see ‘weather’ almost any time of the year. I’ve notified a lot of people -mostly electric utilities- who are watching for you. Dan

  5. Tim Johnson says:

    Keep going strong! Wish I could be with you!!!

  6. Katy Cowdy says:

    Thought of you both yesterday as I read my Life’s Little Instruction Calendar:

    “A road traveled with a good friend is never too long”

    Enjoy the journey!

  7. Crankdaddy says:

    Your water dilemma is challenging. That’s a ton of wart to carry! On the AT I carried two Gatorades and a camel do somewhere around 6 lbs at the most. I used a gravity filter and at times took water from puddles and cow fields…also from farm house faucets. Food was about 2 lbs per day. Colorado should give you access to streams. Keep trucking!

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