A Bull and Some Beer

Colorado… 5 days and in what an experience so far. We find ourselves not far from the small town of Wiggins, CO. Outside of town, we met a guy who has graciously put us up on his ranch. Beautiful sunsets, awesome bonfire, great scenery.
He asked Tom and to help him around his ranch today. We did.
It was a fantastic experience. We helped get a bull into a livestock trailer by approaching it in the field and pinning it with broken pieces of fencing. Basically, we had to trap it and get it to relent and cooperate. That’s right. We got a bull to cooperate. Ha. In all fairness and honesty, the bull had a bad leg and was probably not going to put up much of a fight anyway. I like to think we just intimidated it into submission.
We also helped fix a broken fence and other small tasks. Bonus…this host brews beer and has an awesome home set up that produces excellent beverage. Just a great time.
Tomorrow, we begin heading towards Denver again, basically going south west down country roads and frontage roads of I-76. In the distance, we can see the “Front Range.” These mountains, we’re told, stretch from by Ft. Collins to Denver. When it’s clear, you can clearly see the peaks. We’re about 90 miles from them and their already awesome… can’t wait until we get to them. I already have the song of the day picked out for when we hit them.
As always, we are so appreciative of the people and experiences we’ve been able to have. This trek means a lot to a lot of people. While that has been shared with us numerous times, it is just beginning to sink in a bit. Even the people who we meet in passing share their enthusiasm for our walk. It helps push us forward.
Hope to write again soon, but we’re probably outside for the next several nights…unless we run into another unexpected great person to take us in.
See you on the trail,
Anthony and Tom

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One comment on “A Bull and Some Beer
  1. LeAnn says:

    Awesome! Wait til you get down here in Monument…you can practically reach out and touch the range!

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