Some Words From Our Host

If you follow our Facebook, you know that Colorado has been great for us. We now are in mountains and, while we loved Nebraska and Iowa, enjoying our new sights. Still, grassy plains areas in some stretches, but the mountains are beautiful.
We’ve had a great host in Denver who has walked with us twice. I asked him to write about his experience walking with us. So, here you go:
Well, first of all, I feel very educated. I wasn’t aware of what’s happening with PTSD, Veteran issues, and how common it is among Veterans from all generations, including Vietnam. I got to really appreciate the honesty and courage of these two Veterans to find new solutions to help themselves resolve their issues and, potentially, help others do the same. It’s truly impressive and inspiring, the journey they’re on, coming all this way walking. It’s about the journey, every step of the way. You feel each step…and they fucking hurt.
I like to think I’m in relatively good shape. I hike in the mountains, I rock climb, I was a member of the 2004 Greenfield High School “Hustling Hawks” basketball team that won the Woodland Conference, and I’ve been known to share a sweat or two with Tony Horton. All that said, I hiked on 2 separate days with these guys and I am in pain. It feels like someone took a baseball bat to my quads. I’m scared at moments to take a rest or show any sign of weakness for fear that they’ll view me, with those massive beards concealing a scowl, as a greenhorn.
Both walks were very different and left me feeling two different types of pain. On the first hike, we literally walked out of my apartment and just started walking from the middle of downtown Denver. I never knew how massively huge this city was until I started walking. Just walking. With no destination. It was chaotic: bikers, cars, never knowing if you’re going to get hit. Concrete sucks. It hurts your feet. And it all just keeps going. The city, the miles, the pain, the concrete. The pain I felt after our walk was different than the 2nd walk. The muscles that hurt after the first were replaced by pain in new muscles. But Tom and Anthony have dealt with this for miles. Old obstacles replaced by new ones, replaced by a whole new set like Tom and Anthony do everyday. But the pain was worth it to walk long, tall, and proud with some fellow Green Bay Packer fans.
It truly is a spiritual and physical and difficult journey. Just walking. A journey of, “Where are you staying tonight” followed by “I don’t know, but I’ll walk there.”

Well, thank you,  Matt, for the authoring domination tonight.

See you on the trail,
Anthony and Tom

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2 comments on “Some Words From Our Host
  1. You guys have already come so far and overcome so much as always I am so proud of both of you . I think of you often and you are close to my heart . I had a poetry reading Thursday night on the east side what was missing was more Iraq and Afgan vets but I hope others spread my words. I would be honored if I could someday compose a poem for you two and your journey . I hope all of this is being kept for you so when these days past you can look back and say look what we did for are brothers and sisters and open others eyes to PTSD.
    Your Brother and fellow Veteran Jim Hackbarth Peaceful Journey and a Happy Thanksgiving

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