A Message From Another Veteran

Here in Colorado, we’ve met some awesome people. One, Mike, is an Iraq Veteran who walked with us from Monument to Colorado Springs. I asked him to share something for the blog. This is what he wrote:

My name is Michael Ulanski I’m an OIF veteran and was an infantryman for eight years. I first heard about Veterans Trek on facebook through another page I follow, I was really interested in what they set out to do and the message they wanted to get out to the public. This is important to me for lots of reasons first because I have been down and felt like there was no hope and just wanted it to end and that is a dangerous place to be at and I am tired of our brothers and sisters feeling the same and seeing the only way out as suicide. Also I am disgusted at how the VA is run and how the bureaucrats treat the veterans they are in charge of taking care of, refusing to give them the help they so desperately need and earned. No veteran should come home and get out of the military and become homeless because they can’t get the help that they are reaching out for. Treating the men and women that swore to protect this country like freeloaders or damaged goods is just not ok. My visit with Anthony and Tom at my mom’s house where they stayed and the walking with them the next day was great. Just talking to them and hearing their conviction and know how much I feel the same about issues as they do was awesome. Walking with them was great I have a lot of service related health issues and was very worried I was not going to make it very far especially as easy as I get dehydrated and the fact I haven’t been able to do that much physical activity. They kept checking on me and motivating me and I just kept pushing myself to make it with them ,because they are going and have gone a lot farther than me and I can at least try to make it for them and for our brothers and sisters that need these issues out in the public and to show myself that I can overcome this and I’m not broken. If you get the chance to walk with them or host them please take the opportunity they are two awesome guys doing something so great not just for themselves but for all of us.

Thank you, Mike. On our walk, we’ve had the opportunity to meet some great people, some Veterans and some not. But, without a doubt, each has left their mark on us. We can only hope that their opportunity to meet us and share this journey has been as valuable to them as it has been for us.

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