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  1. Julie Evans says:

    I wish I DID know ANYONE in So. Colorado or in New Mexico…but it’s been so many years since I was in those areas (I was “on the road” as a musician in those places in the ’70’s). I never actually knew anyone in New Mexico…I feel so bad for ya’ll (nor can I afford to contribute to a Hotel Room, unfortunately). I wish U warm ANYTHING . .. .and Pray you’ll find a way to continue this TREK ! God Bless.

  2. John Gugerty says:

    Get a ride is the safest option. Then, how are you getting this ride?

    • veteranstrek says:

      We have a veteran friend who said he’s willing to drive us. It woukd get us out of the mountain section. We would have 1000 miles left. Total distance would be 2400 not 2700 for the walk.

  3. Adam James says:

    Nothing to be ashamed of gents….I remember my squad leader/platoon sergeant always saying, “work smarter not harder & stay safe when possible”. 2400 miles is still beyond amazing & 99.99% of the people following you think absolutely the same about you as before (all positive, of course) & are 100% proud of what you’re doing!!!! Keep it up fellas!!! When will you guys hit NM?!?! I might be able to work something out for that area…or near there. Also, you guys going anywhere near Reno?

  4. L M Barrett says:

    You’ve just said ( and so beautifully I might add) what it sometimes takes a LIFETIME to understand. You are Blessing us with your experiences and wisdom and as you are being Blessed along your way. Details of how, when, why are just a few threads when the whole tapestry is as large as your life. Thank you for surrendering the details!

  5. JoAnn Damkoehler says:

    It is your journey. You need to do it your way.

  6. Larry Howard says:

    That was pretty doggone deep,the reality is anyone that would judge is probably watching tv by a fire with a beer in their hand. The facts are as you described adjustments must be made constantly.I know the entire southwest extremely well as I’ ve worked outside in it as a power lineman for 30 plus years ,her temprament’s not to be underesti

  7. John Gugerty says:

    Very wise decision, and thank you for sharing your personal journeys through the hell of what is labeled PTSD–this should help inspire all who still face what you are now writing about in the past tense. Carry on, and see you when you get back.

  8. Jill Schwingle says:

    Smart decision! It’s not necessary to put yourselves in danger to get this done! None of us wants that. We had a very cold day today here in Wisconsin. I can’t imagine having to be out in that overnight. People admire you for your efforts, and I believe the strongest people are the ones who admit things are tough. I admire you for starting the trek in the first place and making wise decisions along the way. I wish you the best of luck the rest of the way and look forward to the finish line.

  9. Eric C. Bittenbender says:

    Gentlemen, first off I’d like to say “SEMPER FI” and you both know the meaning “ALWAYS FAITHFUL”.. Well, need to say no more… You both have been. You should be “PROUD” of yourselves as “US” fellow Veterans, Supporters and your families are as “PROUD” of you.. What you both have accomplished physically, emotionally and mentally and what you have experienced personally is a once in a Lifetime High…… This commitment to yourselves and your Veteran Brothers & Sisters bearers no failure. Your safety, health and well being is more important then anything. You both have “Grown” in so many ways that you both have to be bursting at the seams. (in a good way) What’s the difference between 2700 miles and 2400 miles you ask? (keep guessing and it’s not 300 miles) it’s just a mere bump in the road…. Each mile you both have accomplished to this point is one more mile that you took instead of sitting back here in Milwaukee on your “rumps” and looking at one another and say “hey let’s plan a 2700 mile hump and see how far we get and if we can’t get any further than Iowa, we’ll just turn around and fly back home.” Well guess what? you both didn’t and you haven’t. You are still moving forward in making your destination of LA.. So keep your heads held high and smiles upon your faces, because guys, “OUR” United States is the most beautiful place there is too be…….

  10. Brett says:

    The only issue I have with you accepting the ride down to NM is that you are too far for me to easily shake your hand and say thank you.

  11. Chuck Taft says:

    Anthony and Tom –

    A quick search for perseverance gives us this – “Steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, a belief, or a purpose; steadfastness” It’s the journey, the destination, the three goals, the belief, your incredible purpose – not the minutia. the only other decision is to turn around. You aren’t doing that – you are persevering. Samuel Johnson said “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” Thats what you are accomplishing – a great work. In the words of the state of Wisconsin – “Forward” (any way you can)

    Chuck at the rest of us at USM

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