So Here Is What Happened Today

Tom and I left where we were staying last night with the expectation that we could walk on our plotted route. While walking down the road, a nice woman stopped and asked where we were going. We showed her our map and explained our route. She warned us, very kindly, that we were on reservation land and that it wasn’t a good idea to walk down there. She explained the reservation police would find us as they were always patrolling. We explained there was no other way except to walk on the interstate. The frontage road to the interstate ended in a few miles and there was no identifiable route that linked with it. Again, very politely, she explained that it wasn’t the best idea. We walked a bit more down the road and were spotted by other reservation residents who looked at us a bit quizzically and saw a sign stating that we were on reservation land and that without prior written consent from the tribal council we would be stopped and prosecuted.
Now, in a bit of a pickle, we called and asked a police officer we met for advice. He said walking shouldn’t be an issue. I asked him, “What about you coming here to pick us up tonight to take us to a place to stay as we planned?” He responded that would be a real problem.
So, we turned around and walked back. We made our way to an interstate travel center, bought maps, and asked what our options were. Both maps indicated no route around other than the interstate. The only option we were given was to walk on the interstate which, for us, is not an option. I know it’s illegal where we’re from and in the states we’ve passed through. At the travel stop, some people said it was illegal and some said it wasn’t. All I know is that neither Tom nor I are comfortable walking down an interstate where you are one texting while driving incident from being a red spot on the road.
On our walk so far, we’ve had a couple close calls with motorists. Usually, and I mean no offense by this, it was old ladies driving big pick ups. They’d cross the white line onto the rumble strips as they approached us and come near enough for us to feel a fast breeze as we straddle hopped out of the way. Most of those incidents happened in Nebraska.
So, what we’re doing, to respect the people of the reservation and avoid the I40 mess, is to go around. We’ll go up to the end of the reservation and keep walking from there.
It is what it is. Really no choice in the matter.

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8 comments on “So Here Is What Happened Today
  1. Hi guys sounds like a plan man can’t always see what’s ahead so do the military thing and improvise. I don’t know anybody has contacted you yet but I am on a Combat PTSD FaceBook site close group and I told them all about you hoping just hoping maybe one of them will hook up with you guys for a chat. As always your friend and brother peace.

  2. June Curry says:

    Good thinking. Just stay safe, and Bob always warns me to be on the look out for Buick’s with blue haired ladies. Just sayin’. Stay safe, please. Sent from my iPad


  3. gary says:

    Glad you meet Tiffs crew in ABQ. Isnt Ken the best? We say hi and we hope to see you alittle more south. Stay safe. Gary.

  4. LeAnn says:

    Keep calm and carry on….

  5. Jay says:

    Wow! I heard about your trek through my friend Katinka. Made a small donation, Best wishes to you both. J

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