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What is Moral Injury and How Does It Influence Coming Home: Part 1

Hello everyone! The Human Rights Watch Film Festival in New York provided another opportunity for Almost Sunrise to be seen and the topics contained within it to be explored. Like the Mountain Film festival in Telluride, Tom and I, along with

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Almost Sunrise is Alive

    When Tom and I first planned Veterans Trek, we wanted to create a film to document our journey. We wanted to show Veterans, their families, and the non-Veteran community the sights and sounds of a trek across America.

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Catching Up With the Documentary Crew and An Exciting Update!

Believe it or not, we are quickly approaching the 1 year anniversary of Tom and I leaving on Veterans Trek. We’ve been home, now, for 5 and a half months, which is a little longer than we were gone walking.

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Almost Sunrise

Over the last few weeks, you’ve seen the Kickstarter campaign for Almost Sunrise. If you haven’t, please do check it out here before reading farther:¬† Pretty cool, right? I wanted to spend this time discussing an element of the trek

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Supporting the “Battling Bastards of Bataan” and Current Veterans

for more info on the Bataan course, check this out When Tom and I began planning Veterans Trek, we had the idea that we could help ourselves heal, provide abundant awareness of issues influencing Veterans and their families, and

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What It Was Like To Finish

Since finishing our trek, the question we’ve been asked most (beyond how our feet are doing) has been what was it like to finish. Were we/ are we happy to be done? These are difficult questions to answer even after

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Getting Near The End

We find ourselves just 12 short days from finishing what has been an extraordinary walk. On February 1st, we will find ourselves at the shore of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, CA, no longer looking West for our future.

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Start of the 4th quarter. #nebraska fans are leavong already. Cey sad tears #huskers. Their bitter. 
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